There are many different business networking groups out there; what makes SMBA different is that we are truly independent, which means all the membership fees paid are reinvested directly back for the benefit of our members.

We began 20 years ago when a significant number of local business owners were fed up with the restrictions and politics of belonging to their local BNI group. South Manchester Business Association was formed, using the best concepts from other networking organisations and then improving them!

This means that there is a structure to our meetings and a flexibility that allows us to respond to what our members want.

Members are encouraged to play an active role in both the operational management by joining the Leadership Team and also helping shape our future development as an elected Board member.

Where else could you be so influential?

We attract a wide range of professions and businesses – although we only have one member from each line of work. If you are interested in joining, first check our ‘exclusive members’ list to make sure there is no other member covering this area.

Our key benefits

  • No pressure to pass business referrals or introductions – quality is far more important than quantity!
  • Well-established group membership – around a third of our members have been with us since the beginning.
  • Diverse range of professions and trades – the best opportunity for you to explore new markets for your own business.

Come along as a guest

Please call us first so we know to expect you and can make sure you are welcomed!

We meet every Wednesday morning from 6.45am until 8.15am at the Cresta Court Hotel, Altrincham.


How much does it cost?

We are a non-profit making organisation, where funds are kept within the organisation to help it grow and benefit all the members. We are so confident that new members will quickly feel a part of our group, that we do not have any upfront joining fees.  There is a simple monthly subscription which covers all membership costs and the weekly breakfast.

Monthly subscriptions are £75 and represent the best ‘value for money’ of any comparable networking groups.  We are are proud and delighted to offer what we believe to be the best business breakfast in the region!

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